Weekly Article Roundup- May 30-June 3

Artificial General Intelligence- The Holy Grail of AI

AGI is about the “brain” that brings together all branches of AI and searches to integrate these pieces to perform human tasks. This article explains how scientists are seeking to accomplish this as well as the tests they put in front of their algorithms to get closer to their goal.


Reverse Engineering a Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel

A quick, cute read of a programmer bored in his hotel and investigating the streaming channels. Not a very thorough article… nor is it even really an article, but at the end it made me giggle.


The Privacy Problem with Digital Assistants

Interesting layman’s read on the security issues that arise with digital assistances such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, etc. This article outlines the risks and data that is logged with every search and the quest to make these interactions more secure.


The Future of Humanity’s Food Supply is in the Hands of AI

Farmers are using new technologies to crowdsource information on crops, and using big data to see when it’s time to plant, etc.


Weekly Article Roundup- May 23-27

I know I have discussed sports and hockey analytics on here before, so I will take that very loose thread of relevancy to say that the SAN JOSE SHARKS ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!!!!! 

Since that is out of my system, on to our regularly scheduled programming:

Life transition seen through music listening

This is an incredible data visualization that shows the types of music a young woman listened to during a transitive period in her life.


Where Predictive Analytics are Having the Biggest Impact

This article breaks down the different ways that analytics are assisting a large array of businesses across the world.


Healthcare analytics has a long journey to delivering real value

Data scientist Sriram Vishwanath discusses that healthcare analytics will some day change the way providers deliver care, but that a lot of things have to happen before that day comes.

Weekly Article Roundup- May 16-19

A Complete Tutorial to Work on Big Data with AWS

This is a pretty basic tutorial but extremely well written and goes through the process step by step.


Gentle Strength for Robots

The Asimov fan girl in me is all over this. A soft actuator is being developed so that robots will know how tightly to grip onto objects, or human, as to not be a danger.


Sources of Data for Search Engine

An simplistic yet interesting look at that sources in which search engines mine their data.


Data Science Content Not Found on Google

Not really an article, but a short list of some data science sources that will not come up on a Google search.

Weekly Article Roundup- May 9-13

Is it illegal for Facebook to memorize your facial features? 

The title of this article sounds much more alarming than it actually is… Facebook is scanning the facial features on photos uploaded it its platform. Still, even though it is not doing a live scan of your face, that data has to be stored somewhere, which is the part that concerns me. It will be interesting to see how the courts rule on this one.

Artificial Intelligence Course Creates AI Teaching Assistant

IBM’s Watson technology is seeking to fulfill an issue that has popped up with the propagation of online courses and their massive size of students per virtual classroom. Using the technology’s ability to provide a clear and concise answer when asked a question, this AI teacher’s assistant is attempting to fill the gap efficiently and cost effectively.

* Statistics for No Man’s Sky

Okay, the numbers for this game area ridiculous… I can’t even look at them without getting a little dazed and drool coming out of my mouth. This is the game coming out next month that has been widely talked about for it’s nearly infinite number of worlds… their goal was to create a gaming universe where you could essentially do anything. The numbers are impressive, and extra bonus that the music is done by one of my favorite bands, 65daysofstatic.

Telling Stories with Data

I had a post last week in my Weekly Article Roundup that read “There is no evidence that anyone has been converted through a pie chart.” I think that phrase really struck a chord with me because I have been doing independent study to get into data science, and as much as I love math and numbers, some of the material tends be dry at times.

With as much data that is generated every second, we have more information stored than what we can currently decipher. That’s why when we do break it down into digestible pieces we need to make sure that we get our message across as clear as possible.

In the well-known article How to Tell a Story with Data, the process is broken down into five steps:

  1. Find the compelling narrative
  2. Think about your audience (are they a notice, a generalist, managerial, expert or executive?)
  3. Be objective and offer balance
  4. Don’t censor
  5. Finally, edit, edit edit

While I definitely agree with this approach, I also think that it should be combined with a more literary train of though. In this Tableau white paper, the  author goes into detail about how one should lay the data out as if they really were writing a story. This means a beginning, middle and end, characters, and how they reached the end of their journey.

I look forward to exploring this topic more in the future as I embark on my own data journey.

Weekly Article Roundup- May 2-6th


Relax, You Probably Call Your Mom Enough

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, many people wonder if they’re calling their mothers enough. Statistically, most kids feel that one to two times a week is adequate and most mothers feel comfortable with this frequency.


Supervised autonomous in vivo robotic surgery on soft tissues is feasible 

The title of this article seems like a no-brainer to me, but we’re finally getting to the point where robots will actually be able to do surgery. This article explores the additional experiments that have been done and how scientists and doctors are gauging the effectiveness.


Data Without Emotion Doesn’t Bring About Change

“There is no evidence that anyone has ever been converted by a pie chart”. I love this article, because it’s absolutely true. Data can be used to back up facts, but it needs to have a story that can be told for an audience to be engaged.

Weekly Article Roundup- April 25-29

Who will live and who will die on “Game of Thrones”, according to statistics

A project called A Song of Ice and Data (naturally) was put together using the data from the show’s wiki site. Combining this data along with the characteristics of the characters determined who was most likely to kick it.

Robots may be able to lift, drive and chat, but are they safe and trustworthy?

One of the challenges with incorporating robots more into our daily lives is a sense of trust. MIT Professor Emeritus Sheridan explores the factors that need to be explored before we hand over our safety, and in some cases our lives, to automation.

The New Approach to Customer Service: Big Data Analytics

Customer service used to be one of the ways that companies could ensure return business. However, using analytics, they can anticipate the needs of customers before they even realize they have them.